The second chance for Australian food to win

If you got a chance to listen to the BBC food program about Australian food, an understandable Australian food history will be clearly breezed into your mind. Freshness took over the tile of old-school Australian food, that used to be preserved in the can, and predominates the general understanding of Australian dish. In this article, I am not going to say about how to cook or choose Australian food. Instead, I want to propose some ideas about how Australian food can regain the world dinner table.


At the very beginning of Australia explore period, sailer and those gold hunter were the initial consumer for food. On the entirely new world, people had no any thought on finding fresh and reliable food on the red earth other than hunting for more quick treasure like gold. Food supply was brought by ship along with sailers. Can food was the only source for the tough life in early days. However, after calm down from the gold rush fever, those people who were not lucky for the treasure started to explore another treasure on the red earth. Agriculture came after the mining activity and turned to the back bone of this country's economy. The breaking-through for Australian food showing on world class stage of food came in during WWI and WWII. Diggers, the way for calling Australian solider, were sent to Euro for digging the trench. Also, horse raised from Australia also worked as power for dragging the war gear. Meanwhile, cattle and sheep were the another important power to feed the solider who is the blood cell of the war machine. From then on, Australian food is the critical ring of the world food chain.


 Unfortunately, along with booming of mining industry and increase of the labor price, although Aussie food is fresh, it is still given a tag of "expensive".  As nature of being human, people love the fresh food but they are also considering the wallet as well. The off-roof price significantly gives a king hit on Australian food when it is sold in globe market, making people outside Australia away from the premium food. And people living on the red earth inevitably become the victim of expensive food since the restrict regulation over importing cheap vegetable and fruit from oversea. When a door is closed, the god always leaves a window for you. The food grown in Australia is not sentenced to the serious penalty. It still has the chance to regain its historical reputation. China, the giant buyer with full pocket of cash, is the window.

From the 1980s, after the reforming and open-up in economic policy, Chinese people are benefit from being called globe factory. With the help of friendly business policy, cheap labor and raw material ,  large amount of investments are rushing into China with those international firms. Intensive manufacture industries became the profitable sweet desert for many Chinese people, especially peasant who earns little on agriculture while large when they left soil and worked at the factory. The agriculture work force immediately turns to industry blood. Even the earth is also taken and used for building factories. Consequently, drop in crop production is out of question as well as the food safe is out of control after several toxic food issues like milk powder, died egg and fake meat were brought into the light. Finally, the image of current Chinese people is pictured like people with wallet that full of cash have poison food in their bowl.

As the critical trade partner of China, Australia is major iron ore distributor who is selling valuable rock to China. It does a good chance for Australian food as well thanks to its good quality and freshness. The common understanding of Chinese people for Australia is that the country is clean place far away from pollutant. Fresh air, clean water and green land are the typical signature stands for Australia. How can people think the food grown from there is not fresh? 

Chinese people definitely love Australian food products. They came to Australia for purchasing milk powder. There are even some international 'buy on behalf ' business running on both sides. Not just dairy products, Tim tam, iconic Australian desert that is biscuit heavily coated with pure chocolate, is sold at 4 AUD in common Australian market, worths about more than double price when it is on the shelf in Chinese supermarket. And the most famous, woolie home brand table salt, 1 dollar for 1 kg, is priced at 6 AUD in Chinese market. All of these are the consequence of quality of Aussie food and Chinese food safety.

I hardly name the data of food export to China from Australia. But with several remarkable snap shot of  common Aussie food given the off-roof high price at China. It just indicates that Australian food definitely walks to another chance of golden age. Although ore is the major target for Chinese buyer, it appears everyone can notice that food is right after that.


Poor English writing needs to be improved

I got strong and kind comments from the supervisor when she just finished half of my annual report. The summary is clear that my writing is so poor compared with my speaking English. I must acknowledge that there is lack of logical structure and understandable sentences in my report. I found myself hardly focusing on writing for long term. Instead, I wrote some words before I turned to do something else. Incoherent writing comes after my bad habit.
So, I think I need to figure out a plot for removing my habits and learning right strategy for improving my writing.
For eliminate my poor habit on focusing
Try to like doing research. I can spend whole day for completely focusing on something I like. Then I had good performance and efficiency for that issue. However, I generally feel that I do not like the research job I involved in.That is the predominant reason for why I can not fully concentrate on my studies. And it turns out the bad logical report. The question left to me is how can I like it?

For learning the strategy
I found huge stock of videos that introduces the scientific writing. That is much more helpful. I think I need to practice more to being sophisticated.

To be continued.


Everyone has a terrible day. Or the only easy day was yeasterday.

I waked up with headache and bad mood in this morning by suffering the pain of muscle obtained from the hard work at weekend that moving nearly 4 tons of bulky brisk for my friend. I realized that I am aging and lack of excersie. The bad feeling was accompanying with me for the whole day and brought the bad luck for me. I broke a valuable part on a specific device. Although everyone said "No worries" to me today, I still feel extremely frustrated for p erfomance today. Beside the terrible experience for today, another evil is waiting for me ahead that it is the group meeting. I have to squize something to report in the meeting to prove that they will not pay for nothing back. Frankly speaking, I got nothing good for reporting. There will be another round of blaming waiting for me. I think I should take a week off to fresh my mine and rethink what I am doing. Just a thought.


Brewing Beer part 2

The gravity of original solution finally reaches around 1.010.Then it is the time for bottling.(The burger is not the part of business).After bottling, two cubes of carbonation were added into bottle for 740 ml.
However, it still needs at least up to 7 days before it is drinkable. During these days, the second step of fermentation will on going during fortnights.


Beer brewing part 1

Coopers is the first Australian beer I ever drank when I arrived here. It definitely change my view on beer that is all beers made in a big barrel before bottling. Coopers is type of beer which is partly made in bottle, not entirely in fermentation facilities, which means it can be made at home by own hands. And raw materials for brewing beer are fairly available in Australian major supermarkets and some brewer shops.

So, as a big fun for beer, it is hard to refuse a chance to make beer by myself not just for economic issue and also due to it is a way for me to understand Australian culture.

The receipt of how to brew beer at home could be found at internet where there are also some videos out there. The major parts of brewing process are 1 mixing, 2 first step fermentation, 3 botteling and 4 further fermentation.

1. Mixing
I bought 1kg coopers brewing enhancer 2 and a can of concentrated malt solution for beer brewing before I mixed them all together with 2L boiling water in a pot. And I kept boiling it for around 20 mins. Then I poured them into big drum with 25L volume, thermometer and air lock (shown at the second figure)

2. First step fermentation
As far as we know, beer is the mixture solution containing alcohol generated from the fermentation reaction in which micro organism, mostly yeast, uses the grain as carbonation resource for the anaerobic reaction thereby maintaining its life cycling. Therefore, fermentation is the core of whole story for the beer brewing. Yeast , as the main role for the movie, needs water, 'food' and temperature, three key factors for keeping it alive while alcohol coming out from its living. According to the current status, Yeast came along with coopers can. Water and grain (the food) are more than enough. The temperature is last and most important factor for the beer brewing. If it may not be in prefer range, the yeast may die and whole process will be fail. On the other hand, the yeast needs a wide range of degree from 18 to 32. It could be easily met when I did it at Adelaide summer days. During the fermentation procedure, the thermometer attached on the wall of barrel presented that temperature was in the range, which means everything is under control.

During the fermentation process,  the change of gravity of mixture is the indicator for the beer brewing. And hydrometer is measurement for testing the gravity. Approximately 40 ml of solution sampled for everyday is put into 50 ml cylinder before hydrometer dipped in and gave reading of gravity. The initial reading at day of mixing was 1.034 before it kept decreasing until it would reach and maintain at around 1.006, the final gravity. It will need bottling and second step fermentation.

To be continued.


The only easy day is yesterday

The last stuff I gonna do is to post one blog here.

I have to face an issue that I lack of efficiency for my research work. It mainly focuses on the mechanism of generation of acid mine drainage and the feasible method for fixing the problem.

 "Acid mine drainage is the seepage from the sulfide mineral oxidation when water is presented. It is extremely toxic and environmental hazard.", I repeatedly keep talking about the definition of Acid Mine Drainage (AMD, not the Advanced Micro Devices) to remind folks this stuff was a natural product from the eco-chemical reaction while it is serious disaster coming along with mining activities that brings huge stock of money to people by sacrificing future of us and our children and grand children. Every time, when I mention this, it is a typical way for researcher to scare the public for the aim that getting more attention from common people to pushing government and mining companies to take some moves for this problem. AMD is a critical environmental issue that gives us no time to sit and wait until it may be solved by itself. However, for any reasonable people, no one actively wants to clean up the mess he made during a profitable business. The reason for that is effectively managing this problem is complex and giant project. It is also a kind of business that pouring money in with nothing comes out.Consequently, figure out the way to let potential sponsors, like mining company and government, to join together to invest in the a profitable business is another job for me beside understanding the mechanism and methodology of prevention.


First blog for here

I am not sure what happened today.But I definitely set up my first blog for the foreign blog website which is blocked by the GFW. I try to use this website as a notebook for recording my life in oversea.
It is about 1 and half years since the frontier officer stamped a seal on my brand new passport and said: welcome to Australia.

I arrived the beautiful and friendly city Adelaide which, as far I know, is the capital city of South Australia having about nearly 1 million people and lovely landscapes of beach,mountain and plain. Here is a really heaven for people and creature co-existing for decades.And I think here is a stop for my journey looking for a peaceful,quiet , nature and small population place. And that is the reason for the screen name of my Sina micro blog, like twitter, 我要离开 means I want to leave. I feel like tired with living in giant city that crowed with people, give more pressure from peers.Noise,traffic jam, pollution, food safety,competition from others and complicated internal personal relationship at every corner of large city.So I chose to leave the place I was born and find the place suitable for myself.It could be Australia. Why do I use "could"? Since I do not entirely understand this land. I try to explore in Australia for looking for something I intrinsically hunt for.Something may the feeling of integrating with nature, or equal and respect from others, or a broad place and long time for me to think about myself? It could something or everything.

Adelaide, for my point of view, is not a dot other than is a colon telling myself what next will be.